Cattolica (2004)

Director : Rudolph Jula
Genre : Drama
Cast : Vanessa Compagnucci as Letizia, Giacinto Ferro as Giacomo Iacoviello, Lucas Gregorowicz as Stefan, Merab Ninidze as Martin
Run Time : 84 min
Filming Locations : Cattolica, Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Country : Germany | Switzerland
Language : German | Italian
Stefan, a gay bartender inside a fashionable club, doesn`t worry heaps just about his expert also inner most future…
Stefan, a gay bartender inside a fashionable club, doesn`t bother a large deal near to his connoisseur furthermore deepest future. One night, the strange Martin stares at him, therefore he thinks that his visitant searches a fast intimacy affair. Stefan invites him to his apartment, where Martin is fairly flabbergasted at his plans furthermore explains that he doesn`t yearn sex, nevertheless his information since their ordinary past. Martin searches his father, a distant recruit relishes Italy, who is still Stefan`s originator, which he didn`t know. Their mommy kept Martin, spilt second Stefan was adopted. After the primarily shock, Stefan decides to meet his "new brother" on his touch off to Italy. They merely tolerate sundry photos furthermore letters of a anniversary touch off to Cattolica furthermore their father`s name: Giuseppe Iacoviello. This is the starting up of an odyssey across Italy furthermore their scheme to themselves…