Caged (2011)

Director : Stephan Brenninkmeijer
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Cast : Chantal Demming as Stella, Babette Holtmann as Christine, Joep Sertons as Raymond, Victor Reinier as Mike, Georges Devdariani as Yaroslav, Brechje Lyklema as Gaya, Corine van der Helm as Judy, Charmène Sloof as Laura, Ferry Asselbergs as Damian, Lotte Taminiau as Quinty, Frank Derijcke as Luca Salar Zarza as Laura`s lover at exposition hall
Run Time : 105 min
Country : Netherlands
Language : Dutch
After time of suppressing her desires, Stella finds she might no longer disregard her deep-rooted longings…
After existence of suppressing her desires, Stella finds she may possibly no longer dismiss her deep-rooted longings. Breaking out of her cage also starting up a hush hush double-life, Stella transforms into a "unicorn," a nickname given that mismatched women who cherish a hedonistic lifestyle, visiting sexual intercourse clubs also smutty parties, also blossoming plus everything the spanking new attention. Even because her partner uncovers his Stella`s hush hush life, he can`t do a good deal of to a higher degree go to pieces her the autonomy that she needless to say needs, inside the anticipate it`s everything only a phase. Then lone daylight hours she finds herself lying nescient inside a basement cell, plus no instruction how she got back there. Days glide by as an distinctive grown person is conveyed into her cell. Christine, a obscene person as connections to the identical age. In the coming to pass years they make obvious their being alive stories to lone other. Christine is influenced that the purpose given that their captivity lies inside Stella`s lifestyle.

Caged (2011)
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