Burning in the Wind (2002)

Director : Silvio Soldini
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Ivan Franek as Tobias (as Ivan Franeck), Barbora Lukesová as Line, Ctirad Götz as Janek, Caroline Baehr as Yolanda, Cécile Pallas as Eve, Petr Forman as Pavel, Zuzana Mauréry as Katy, Pavel Andel as Kristof Alain Auderset as Official, Kamila Bednárová as Caroline (Age 6), Maeva Biolley as Anizka, Philippe Bombled as Doctor, Natalie Boulin as Plant Worker, Alice Bove as Old Anizka, Jaromír Dulava as Padre di Tobias, François Florey as Patient, Filip Gottschalk as Tobias (Age 6), Monika Hilmerová as Vera, Jitka Jezková as Tobias` Mother, Tomás Kadlec as Tobias (Age 12), Alain Perret as Bus Driver, Miroslav Táborský as Recording Clerk, Roland Vouilloz as Psychologist, Philippe Vuilleumier as Court Headmaster
Run Time : 118 min
Country : Italy | Switzerland
Language : French | Czech
Day in, daytime out, the similar schedule is repeated. Immigrant recruit Tobias Horvath gets unsleeping at 5:00 A.M….
Day in, sunlight hours out, the equal usual is repeated. Immigrant recruit Tobias Horvath gets conscious at 5:00 A.M., washes, shaves, has assorted breakfast, with behave to the intrinsic square. Here, inside his Swiss town, he catches a bus to work, ending his eyes nonetheless attaining the fear of his existence. For ten years, Tobias has worked inside a timer factory with inside the relentless adult of ticking, he sees survival pass without a great deal of expectation. Born inside Eastern Europe, Tobias advanced conscious inside poverty, the male child of a thief, beggar with prostitute. As a small teenager, he finds out who his father is. One night, Tobias knifes his father inside the back, with run off to Switzerland. Now ten days later, his pray inside survival at the present is to take for Line, an appropriate grown person squandered inside his imagination. One day, Tobias sees Caroline, a prior listing comrade fancy the East. His dreams seemingly turn into shattered for Caroline is espoused with has a daughter. A sequences of amaze occurrences likewise stops their relationship, nonetheless Tobias perseveres. He has petite to lose.

Burning in the Wind (2002)
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