Buda as sharm foru rikht (2007)

Director : Hana Makhmalbaf
Genre : Drama, War
Cast : Abbas Alijome as Abbas, Abdolali Hoseinali as Talib boy, Nikbakht Noruz as Baktay
Run Time : Canada:81 min
Country : Iran | France
Language : Persian
A infantile gal willingly desires to set out to section furthermore see to study furthermore write. Almost far and wide she is bumped into plus hostility or indifference…
A teen damsel enthusiastically wishes to go away to rank with find out to go through with write. Almost in all places she is run against also hostility or indifference. The solitary teen boy who eliminates her to his rank is thrown out by the teacher, for saving someone’s bacon her prevented him delight in in the pipeline inside time. – It must not go away disregarded that the schoolgirls with the woman folk adviser are further antagonistic toward this girl. None of one another wish her inside the classroom. On her fashion conjugal she with esoteric girls are accepted because prisoners by boys inspecting talibans. They rip her rank work to pieces (or quite no matter what was vanished of it succeeding the schoolgirls skilled ready the similar thing.) The "taliban boys" threaten to stone their damsel prisoners (although inside this film there is trivial true physical violence opposition girls). The girl`s seeks finish inside consummate failure. (Whatever moods of the scenes during the whole movie, the working by the main damsel is in fact impressive.)

Buda as sharm foru rikht (2007)
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