Bubbles (2011/I)

Director : Kasper Syhler
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kim Sønderholm as Lasso, Andrea Vagn Jensen as Andrea, Ole Thestrup as Hans, Mads Koudal as Gustav, Mick Øgendahl as Pladenørd, Troels II Munk as Tjener, Anne-Marie Streibig as Lassos ex, Niels Lund Boesen as Fyr på gade, Helene Høm Kristiansen as Performer, Katja Larsen as Performance tilskuer, Kasper Syhler as Mand i kælder
Run Time : Denmark:80 min
Filming Locations : Copenhagen, Denmark
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
A lady blames himself given that the decease of his girlfriend, which heads him go away into spiritual isolation. He lives inside his own slight emotional bubble…
A mature woman blames himself since the bereavement of his girlfriend, which stamps him set off into spiritual isolation. He lives inside his own tiny psychological bubble, delight in which he can`t envisage out of. A person of mature age at the moment comes for sent delight in above, along with he may perhaps envisage her prepared the hurdle of the bubble. But the glob has to burst, since him to make her… to make her world… to value himself.

Bubbles (2011/I)
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