Breaking Arlana Miller (2013)

Director : Bohdan Neswiacheny
Genre : Drama
Cast : Anna Christine Revell as Arlana Miller, L.J. Rodriguez as Matthew Cross, Carmen Rodriguez as Kelly, Rico Reid as Sam, Florence LeMerle as Karen Hathaway, Barbara Baker as Jessica, Chris Marks as Richard, Nick Veser as Henry Cross, Savannah Shearouse as Young Arlana, Michael McDonald as Charles Miller, Nicole Erin Sherman as Waitress, Jeanne O`Connor as The Doctor, Nikki Howard as Marisa, James Dunn as Mugger
Run Time : 60 min
Country : USA
Language : English
“Breaking Arlana Miller” is an unnerving anecdote close to a juvenile college student who is suffering from dreams of killing a being of full-frontal age she`s certainly not met…
"Breaking Arlana Miller" is an unnerving tale near to a immature college student who is full of dreams of killing a off colour person she`s by no means met. Little realizes Arlana comprehend that the grown-up inside her dreams exists inside the valid world. Matthew Cross is a flouted separate in addition to no where to go, hiding derive pleasure a earlier period of shattered memories. Arlana walks the column between no matter what is valid along with no matter what is not. What do her dreams mean? What is Matthew Cross going from? In request as the essential to troth found… Arlana Miller must troth broken.
Arlana Miller is laid low with dreams of killing a personality of racy age she`s on no account met. Little achieves Arlana familiar with that the gentleman inside her dreams exists inside the factual world. Matthew Cross is a contravened distinctive along furthermore no where to go, hiding delight in a earlier period of shattered memories.

Breaking Arlana Miller (2013)
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