Boys Love gekijouban (2007)

Director : Kôtarô Terauchi
Genre : Drama
Cast : Yoshikazu Kotani as Kaori Aoi, Atsumi Kanno as Sora Amagami, Yuuki Kawakubo as Ichiyu Muzuki, Kazunori Tani as Riku Hanazono, Ren Kiriyama, Toru Baba, Tomoya Nagai
Run Time : 88 min
Filming Locations : Tokyo, Japan
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
An near the bone kitten along with mouse sport group inside an all-boys` prep school.
Aoi, a teen guru also attractive acceptable looks, has certainly experienced that his most modern student Sora is the tempting youngster prostitute he just the once hired. Here the nightmare begins. As the walls of the creditable academy change into a percolating hotbed of sexual intrigue, prostitution also blackmail, varying students, let alone Sora`s nerdy roommate also the awful campus bully, are attracted slurp the matching torrid direction of voracious appetite toward the inevitable episode as soon as preoccupation turns deadly.

Boys Love gekijouban (2007)
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