Blue Balloons (2009)

Director : Brian McCauley Johnson
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Kristopher Higgins as Charley Dawson, Ryan Sanson as Joseph Kimball, Scott Roddan as Detective Jonathan Marshall, Tori Tucker as Kate Wilson, Leah Masten as Amy Thompson, King Stuart as Kermit K. Marshall, Joseph O`Shaughnessy as Kent Dawson, Trey Adkins as Roger Colfax, Nick Denbeigh as Mike Hawkins, Devon Graves as Tom, Brian McCauley Johnson as Sam, Allison Edwards as Party Scene Girl 1, Alyson Hieber as Party Scene Girl 2, Mark C. Johnson as Pastor Mark, Gaylene A. Johnson as Parlor Owner, Jonah Ross Blank as Paperboy, Garrett Sanson as Fight Scene Jock, Travis Pell as Fight Scene Jock 2 Jonah Blank as Paperboy, Timothy A. Burton as Nursery Clerk, R.J. Hampton as Marshall`s Perp, Heidi Ritz as Ruth Dawson, Mimi Ross Blank as Debbie Reed
Run Time : USA:82 min
Filming Locations : Coeur d`Alene, Idaho, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
The existence of a little grown-up person is observed ended the sacrifice of another.
Charley Dawson has anything miscelanneous might drop a file to "the right life". He is a straight-A student existing inside an upper-middle product situation in addition to a icon right American Family. Outside of the picture, Charley seeks in addition to a globe that is neatly packaged then again packed with emptiness. Charley`s father (Kent) is a good, hardworking man, then again his occupation keeps him elsewhere on business. Charley`s mama (Ruth) gives the impression to troth a charming also loving abode wife, then again she is obsessed on manipulate also compelling more than polishing her family`s appearance. Charley`s eye-catching lady friend (Kate) is the sprawl of ribbon that should total the gift, then again he shows struggle towards her also the existence that also doesn`t consider right. With the work with of an added supporter (Joseph), Charley searches the lives of others because the standpoint that allows persons to spot cherish inside anything can exclusively crop up to troth junk.

Blue Balloons (2009)
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