Blood on the Wall$ (2005)

Director : Barry Michael Cooper
Genre : Drama
Cast : Brent J. Cooper as Gulf War Veteran, Matthew Cooper as Stick – Up Kid #2, Timothy Cooper as Stick-Up Kid #1, Jonathan Peter Jackson as Swiss Williams, Jessica Jordan as Jessica Jorgenson, Jeff Redd as Dr. Rufus J. Jackson, Larry Scott as Larry Scott, Franklin Sirmans as Frank Sirmans, Courtney Wheeler as Courtney Rose Silas, Michael Wright as Michael Wright
Run Time : USA:115 min
Filming Locations : Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
“Blood On The Wall$” is a whodunit plus a behaviour study, plus the glimpse of a Cassavetes-like self sufficient film…
"Blood On The Wall$" is a whodunit as nonetheless as a conduct study, plus the gander of a Cassavetes-like self sustaining film. It is the anecdote of Cooper Michaels, a only once super-successful telly producer, who smokes conscious his occupation inside a crack-fueled downward spiral. Leaving Hollywood as nonetheless as turning in to his adopted place of birth of Baltimore, the prior investigative stringer stumbles upon the anecdote of Swiss Williams, a teen painter on the advance inside the knack world. The daytime sooner than his vastly eventuating New York gallery debut, Swiss Williams -who has dubbed himself the "Jay-Z" of painters- kills the great as nonetheless as baffling knack dealer/gallery owner, Kwame Pierre Addo, as nonetheless as subsequently turns the gun on himself. As Cooper Michaels investigates his aspect anecdote given that Baltimore Magazine-which he likewise hopes to route since a screenplay given that his Hollywood comeback-Cooper not hardly begins to article jointly the questioning being alive of Swiss Williams, on the different hand he is likewise compelled to draw near to vocabulary plus his own fractured portrait, since both a person behind as nonetheless as a father.

Blood on the Wall$ (2005)
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