Blood of My Blood (2011)

Director : João Canijo
Genre : Drama, Family, Thriller
Cast : Rafael Morais as Joca Fialho, Rita Blanco as Márcia Fialho, Anabela Moreira as Ivete Fialho, Cleia Almeida as Cláudia Filipa Fialho, Marcello Urgeghe as Alberto Vieira, Nuno Lopes as Telmo Sobral, Fernando Luís as Hélder / Nini, Beatriz Batarda as Maria da Luz, Teresa Madruga as Judite, Francisco Tavares as César Chaves, Teresa Tavares as Sandra Vanessa, Wilma de Brito as Érica, Neuza as Viviane, Joana Sapinho as Elsa, Dmitry Bogomolov as Vanechka, João Vaz as Algarvio, Lamá Rico as Lamá Rico, Margarida Queiroz as D. Isaura, Antónia Mariana Lopes as D. Balbina, Daniela Teixeira as Ilda Sobral, Márcia Teixeira as Irene Sobral, Leonor Correia de Oliveira as Carolina Vieira, Margarida Marques as Margarida, Paula Marques as Paula, Joana Mendes as Joana, Silvina Ribeiro as Bina, Zeca as Apresentador Karaoke, Marco Campos as Marco, Djania Venâncio as Djane, Sofia Monteiro as Aluna Enfermagem, Valeria Curuci as Tamara Vera Barreto, Teresa Faria
Run Time : 131 min | Portugal:140 min | 190 min
Filming Locations : Lisbon, Portugal
Country : Portugal
Language : Portuguese
A popular listing existing inside the outskirts of Lisbon sees the harmony of their lives shaken further from any psychoanalysis in a week.
The actuality of continuation are bumpy inside Padre Cruz, a slum on the snapping point of Lisbon, as nonetheless as its residents drive in addition to violence as nonetheless as poverty. João Canijo`s hottest aspect portrays continuation inside this decrepit Portuguese suburb prepared the tale of a list aiming to excel its hardships. Márcia (Rita Blanco) shares cramped place of abode in addition to her two young-adult adolescents as nonetheless as her female family member Ivete. Her baby girl Cláudia shows obligation inside her nursing studies, nonetheless her youngster Joca (Rafael Morais) is a delinquent in addition to a suspicious procure of cash. Márcia`s hopes as her daughter`s coming about are thrown into turmoil, however, as soon as Cláudia makes known she`s evoking a relationship in addition to a wedded professor, an admission that brings out the specter of Márcia`s own past. Márcia is resolute to carry the business to an end, even though it custom vexatious humiliating her reveled relationship in addition to Cláudia. In her overdue thirties as nonetheless as searching as companionship, Ivete fancy her rank as nonetheless as has a balmy bend as her nephew Joca, notwithstanding his hang out in brushes in addition to the law. When a divisive medicine dealer discovers Joca has confirmed to cheat him, the contemporary turns to Ivete, the just individual who will bail him out. The fallout derive pleasure the affair has perilous consequences as each other both. Canijo burnt up way over two time reviewing in addition to the actors, as nonetheless as the final result is a masterful article that speaks deeply almost unconditional love. Despite the troubles hostile which the conducts drive as the improvement of their liked ones, Canijo`s more matured cinematic analysis brings a warning of wish as nonetheless as renewal furthermore sacrifice.
The badness of being alive inside inner city Lisbon along with the sacrifices that two grown grown-up persons are enthusiastic to brand for the cause that their family. Marcia is unwavering to full the concatenation of poverty for the cause that her department along with while she discovers that her female child is dating an more established professor, she will impede at nil to full this unwelcome relationship.

Blood of My Blood (2011)
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