Blood Kisses (2012)

Director : Robert Kornhiser
Genre : Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Victor Joel Ortiz as Quince Abel, Sarah Yu as Danni Hunter, Nancy Malleo as Abigail Quintard, Angelo Angrisani as Detective Lowry, Elizabeth Bove as Emma Radice, Johnny Pik as Bobby Collins, Ryan G. Metzger as Allan Banks, Daryl Denner as Assistant Medical Examiner, Christina Jolley as Jane Wynicki, Nadja Hoyer-Booth as Medical Examiner, John Caponigro as Police Commissioner, Ashton Crosby as Mr. Martino, Cash Tilton as Psychiatrist, Linda Vegara as Lady with dog, Mariann Tepedino as Eyewitness, John Felidi as Real estate agent, Laurie Muir as Homeless Lady, Charlotte Balibar as Quince`s natural mother, Angelo DeAngelis as Hairdresser, Peter Sansky-Traficanti as Quince Abel as Child, Hector Rodriguez Jr. as Sailor, Philippe Javier Garcesto as Voyeur, Peter Donato as Third victim, Vanessa Scott Lee as Lady in Black, Andrew Phillip Beguin as Loading dock victim, Christine Allanach as Leopard dress lady, William Leroy as Curio shop victim, Eugene N. Walkter as Reporter, Yvette Abreu as Prostitute, Eliza Bobek as Prostitute Phillipe Garcesto as Voyeur, Michael Glover as Tenant, Henry William Oelkers as S&M voyeur, Hilary Russo as Anchorwoman, Bob Socci as Abigail`s S&M assistant (as Robert Socci), Linda Vagara as Lady with Dog, Eugene N. Walker as Reporter
Run Time : 72 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Amid an episode of murder sufferers who`ve been exhausted of blood, a costly listing teacher`s steadily wacko vampire-like performance alarms along with threatens his girlfriend.

Blood Kisses (2012)
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