Bibinur (2009)

Director : Yuri Feting
Genre : Drama
Cast : Firdaus Akhtyamova as Bibinur Juhangir, Khalima Iskanderova as Zamira Ruslan Mustafin, Ernest Timerkhanov
Run Time : Russia:98 min
Country : Russia
Language : Tatar | Russian
Tatarstan, Russia, a little Tatar village. An archaic woman, Bibinur Juhangir, sees a daydream revealing that she is getting to depart this world after Friday…
Tatarstan, Russia, a miniature Tatar village. An getting on woman, Bibinur Juhangir, sees a daydream reciting that she is aiming to expire subsequently Friday. She has to means the term recreation to come apart the end thing of her debts along with to get ready as the departure. Suddenly criminal businessmen along with home owners near inside the village. They are aspiring to retail it to you the land, where at the moment the getting on cemetery is. One of them, Jihangir, who is old to glamorous living of bulky cities creating lived the more allocation of his living abroad, has at the moment as the initially term inside his living got in on Tartar land. The immature gentleman stays inside Bibinur`s place of dwelling as the night, along with she tells him with details to her life. She`s all set to ordeal his colleague along with refuses to retail it to you the land.