Bhunsaara (2010)

Genre : Drama, Romance
Run Time : 77 min
Country : India
Language : Hindi
In India there is a tribe whose convention bad ways that the initially female offspring of a categorization has to develop into a prostitute…
In India there is a tribe whose custom conditions that the initially baby girl of a cast has to change into a prostitute. The account deals in addition to an urban damsel who finds out that her mama belonged to this tribe along with starts her vacation to think of her. Her mama sent her to town in addition to one in all her lovers since she on no account sought her baby girl to transpire the custom of her village on the peculiar hand sought her baby girl to engagement well-versed along with get your men on married. It is a account of a mama who scarified her motherhood to transfer one more ray of illuminate into her daughter`s life.

Bhunsaara (2010)
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