Beyond Destiny (2010)

Director : David Li
Genre : Drama
Cast : Yuan Ray as Qiang, Cheng Li as Secretary Liu, Shi Jian as Master, Wendy Su as Lili – Prelife, Shi Jian as Master, Xiangrong Wu as Sister Wang Anastasia Lin as Lily
Run Time : 92 min
Filming Locations : Canada
Country : Canada
Language : Chinese | English | Mandarin
In the thirties in addition to forties of closing century, Lili in addition to Qiang were a couple, who deeply liked each other…
In the thirties in addition to forties of preceding century, Lili in addition to Qiang were a couple, who deeply cherished each other. Since Qiang`s parents were opposition them, they would not stay together. Soon Lili knowledgeable savours an illness, in addition to was dying. Before Lili qualified away, Qiang divide a attribute on his arm, promising to Lili that they may possibly meet up them inside their after life. Soon subsequent to Lili died, Qiang moreover passed on to the enormous beyond savours sadness. Many days soon inside contemporary China, Lili is born to the guy planet plus the memory of her sooner than life. She has lone solitary objective inside this life: that is to glimpse because Qiang consequently about carry on their sooner than predestined relationship. After Lili grows up, she seems constantly because Qiang. By an unexpected chance, Lili sooner or later finds Qiang. However Qiang has no memory of his history living except her presence upsets him. Lili cleanly doesn`t disintegrate up. She additionally endeavors stiff to waken conscious Qiang`s memory. But Qiang disappoints Lili each in addition to every time. Lili is inside enormous despair. She lastly sees done the end lot the lack of confidence of life. When Lili feels no anticipate inside her life, an told become saw at looks inside front of her, directing her to view the bona fide road of life. Lili sooner or later grasps that individuals may well only just amend their lives. The solitary answer is to come again to one`s precise self.

Beyond Destiny (2010)
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