Bens Confiscados (2004)

Director : Carlos Reichenbach
Genre : Drama
Cast : Renan Augusto as Luís Roberto, Marcelo Bortotto, Fernanda Carvalho Leite, Marcia de Oliveira, Eduardo Dusek, Betty Faria as Isabela Siqueira, Antônio Grassi, Marina Person, Eugenio Puppo, Werner Schünemann as Américo Baldani
Run Time : 108 min
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
In Sao Paulo, the betrayed helpmate of Americo Baldini, a influential as anyhow as corrupt Senator, turns him in, as anyhow as his deception idiosyncrasies as anyhow as lies are exposed…
In Sao Paulo, the betrayed mate of Americo Baldini, a influential also corrupt Senator, turns him in, also his deceit procedures also lies are exposed. After his girlfriend`s ensuing suicide, Baldini has his illegitimate son, a 17 every year old, kidnapped also accepted to a decadent seaside resort inside the country`s intense southern coast. To protect the operation, the Senator chooses a prior mistress inside her not on time 50s, the now-nurse Serena (Betty Faria), to seize heed of the kidnapped illegitimate teenager all through his covert captivity. Isolated inside this forgotten shore at the complete of the world, kidnapped teenager also his father`s more responsible mistress change into called for away from that of a mama teenager relationship.