Bedlam Street (2011)

Director : Paul Wendell
Genre : Drama
Cast : John Bratkowski as Frank, Shawn I. Chevalier as Aunt Kathy, Robert Nolan Clark as Customer, David Martyn Conley as Leon, Larry C. Conley as Dead Guy, Travis Estes as Jack, Jim Garrison as Police Dispatcher, James Gianoulakis as Guy in Car, Brian Harting as Guy Smoking, Charles Heuvelman as Guy in Truck, Craig G. Hill as Guy in Trench Coat, R.J. Holmes as Young Randall, Anastaysia Jayleen as Jen, Ehan Kamat as Yasir, Sona Kamat as Muna, Vinay Kamat as Ajani, Elaine Kluttz as Mrs. Boyd, Julie Layton as Caitlin, Peter Mays as Gabe, Dick Mintzlaff as Homeless Man, Aleh Neliubin as Dmitry, Brock Roberts as Trey, Anjelah Stevens as Rhonda, Bill Stine as Bartender, Kerri Stoltz as Bar Patron, Scott Stoltz as Bar Patron, Aliyah Studt as Little Girl with Doll, Madelyn K. Thompson as Girl on Scooter, Elise Thorpe as Crystal, Jordan Ward as Randall, Ron Wilkinson as Detective Toms, Jon Morgan Woodward as Bar Patron, Chelsea Zotta as Marie
Run Time : USA:90 min
Filming Locations : Farmington, Missouri, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
“Bedlam Street” is a dark, gritty, behaviour driven drama capturing site on one and only daytime coming to pass Christmas inside an inner city environment…
"Bedlam Street" is a dark, gritty, modus vivendi driven drama capturing area on only daytime in the wind Christmas inside an inner city environment. Through a infobahn of intersection along with coincidence, it displays the strives of various linked characters, along with examines issues adjacent crime, poverty, race, religion, rank along with the innocence of children.

Bedlam Street (2011)
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