April Is My Religion (2001)

Director : Bill Boll
Genre : Drama
Cast : Benjamin Klein as Jack Wesson, Julie Stockhausen as April Polanski, Jason Contini as Phil Adams, Troy Patrick Turnipseed as Wade Sheldon Michael Bowdern as Marco, Suzie Celantano as Mrs. Wesson, Robert Nolan Clark as Bad-dream Nazi, John Contini as Mr. Wesson, Saskia de Vries as Dana Rothman, Rosemary Garris as Mrs. Dandyprim, Dick George as Priest, Adam Hackbarth as TV Slasher, Tiffany Hacker as Shopper, Charles Heuvelman as National security agent, Emily Horowitz as TV scream queen, Mike Ketcher as Math professor, Theresa Masters as Shannon, Sandra K. Montgomery as Dream Dana / Nurse, Erica Neal as English apple girl, Marzban Patel as Science professor, Stephen Potter as Zebra aristocrat, Sara Renschen as Russian apple girl, Dave Schuetz as Mr. Dandyprim, Leo Walters as Philosophy professor
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Moline, Illinois, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
“April is my Religion” is a coming-of-age tale which chronicles four months inside the continuation of Jack Wesson…
"April is my Religion" is a coming-of-age yarn which chronicles four months inside the subsistence of Jack Wesson, a college freshman who believes himself to troth devoid of gratis will. Coming indulge in a secure suburban back- ground, he is plunged into a planet of hallucinogenic cures with easygoing sexuality along furthermore which he is entirely unprepared to cope. Increasingly disoriented, Jack becomes influenced he has took for his life`s warmth inside April, the heading character. When she rebuffs his advances, it simply quickens his downward spiral – culminating inside a frantic behavior that forces him to duty his own flaws, errors, with in the end his humanity.