Approaching Heaven (2004)

Director : Juan Pablo Reinoso
Genre : Drama
Cast : Matthew Carey as Garland Peak, Jackie Martling as Doctor Helmerich, Danton Stone as Charles Peak, Begonya Plaza as Elizabeth Peak (as Begonia Plaza), Galeit Sehayek as Nurse Cathy, Julie Mond as Kate, Dean`a Jacobsen as Kristina, Andrew Uhlenhopp as Jerry, Lino Meoli as Young Garland, Chalet Trenchard-Smith as Merrill Peak (as Chalet Nechtman), Russell Terlecki as Donovan Myriam Blanckaert as Miriam, Jon Doscher as Recovering alcoholic, Rich Duva as Rich, Sara Maraffino as Recovering Alcoholic, Juan Pablo Reinoso as Mike, Jonathan Tindle as Headmaster, Bryan Veronneau as John, Monica Zane as Jerry`s Mom
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Hoboken, New Jersey, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
During the most recent years of a small man`s full of life alcoholism, he is eventuated just about New York City by the demons that haunt him inside the style of his 10-year older them in addition to the ghost of his without sensation mother.
Set inside also on the focus of Manhattan, a juvenile alcoholic identified Garland Peak wanders on the focus of the city presented itself by the demons that experience been haunting him inside the sort of his 12-year older them also the ghost of his deadened mother. Struggling and the spiritual turmoil carried on by the suicide of his alcoholic mamma also the bereavement of the conclude thing he just one and only occasion thinking covered love, Garland must glimpse oblige at his subsistence also settle whether or not to admit himself to draw closer off the limit of purpose also make progress the similar distressing direction of his mamma or deem final redemption. Based on the writer`s own precise subsistence experiences, Approaching Heaven is a tale of overcoming the contemplations which may haunt however the more or less unafraid of kinsfolk also grown men also finding out might inside life. It is a tale of effort opposition the conclude thing probability that touches upon not sole the fatal moments that draw near inside our lives, save for further the humorousness also pray that may engagement viewed if we determine to live one and only daytime at a span also get on my feet to those moments inside subsistence that may brand however the strongest of kinsfolk crumble. It is a tale of pray also perserverance.

Approaching Heaven (2004)
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