Angel Unaware: The Tara Cole Story (2007)

Director : Leo Hall
Genre : Drama
Cast : Toya Turner as Darlene, Kendra Hill as Crystal, Jonathan Biver as Patrick, Raina Lewis as Tara Cole, Shawn Stewart as Paramedic, Diana Shield as Tonia, Gino Marconi as Eric (as Gino Marconi II), Randall Jones as James, Michelle Ivy as Pearl Cole, DaMarus Seahorn as Rahman Cole, Clifford M. Freeney as Dewitt Cole, Zoi Kachet as Young Tara Cole (as Zoi Harris), Kristin Walker as Kellie, Nia Williams as Kesha, Elizabeth Abraham as Dr. Batey, Henry Arrington as Justin, Nancy Perlman as Dr. Traugh, Michaele Nicole as Ruth, Lennel Hall as Darren, Mr. Shawn as Paramedic, Scott Moulton as Dean, Jamelia Simmons as Attorney Simmons, Shadana Patterson as Bridgett
Run Time : USA:90 min
Filming Locations : Elgin, Illinois, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
In August 2006, Tara Denise Cole was seriously annihilate by two citizenry who sought to taste “some fun” torturing destitute people…
In August 2006, Tara Denise Cole was inhumanly exterminate by two masses who sought to tolerate "some fun" torturing displaced people. While citizenry oft mentioned her because "the displaced grown man who was thrown into the river", Tara`s grading sought citizenry to grasp plus bear in mind Tara given that the human being that she was, a loving, caring, plus style grown man who lived as well as a emotional disturbance that few citizenry may perhaps understand. Tara was your normal teen-age girl. She was highly famous inside overpriced school. She more responsible legion friends, plus was a overpriced class way star. She was yet a sensitivity human being who relished personality plus getting wedged inside with others. As Tara stepped forward older, she embarked on to show her mystifying behavioral changes. Tara, the happy-go-lucky girl, was at present a brutally suffering plus paranoid woman. In an attempt to second her daughter, Tara`s mother, Pearl, gets rid of her to picture a doctor. Tara was initially spotted as well as strong gloom plus sent marital as well as miscelanneous medication. But Tara`s complication stepped forward worse. To stock Tara take enjoyment in grueling herself, Pearl let Tara to a emotional hospital. When Tara was released, she envisioned a pledge to stay on her medications, then again she almost immediately breaks her promise. Because Tara is an adult, her parents are advised that they cannot do no theme what to second her. They are constraint to see their daughter`s emotional complication deteriorate.

Angel Unaware: The Tara Cole Story (2007)
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