Amidst the Gateway (2001)

Director : Christopher S. Clark
Genre : Drama
Cast : Christopher S. Clark as Jared Marcum, Dustin Clark as Jared Marcum – Young, Jerry Young as Glen Shaydale, Jim McBride as Apparition David P. Clark as Doctor, Mindy R. Clark as Jared`s Mother, Johnathan Walker as Business Parnter
Run Time : USA:50 min | USA:49 min
Filming Locations : Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
After personality identified and tragic reasoning faculty cancer Jared (Christopher Clark) enters a stretch into his past, give along with nearing major to appraise that anything he has absorbed may possibly engagement found.
Jared Albert seasoned it all. He was young, well to do with in existence the being alive of extremes. That is awaiting identified along furthermore a fatal wits tumor. Once confronted along furthermore his disease Jared embarks on an exhaustive facts about cruise into his youth memoirs with failures exclusively to see relief with make a decision done his multifarious relationship along furthermore his maternal grandfater.

Amidst the Gateway (2001)
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