Afterwards (2011)

Director : Kivmars Bowling
Genre : Drama
Cast : Beate Malkus as Anna, Helmuth Meier-Lautenschläger as Volker, Michael Herrmann as Man #1, Thea Schrader as Woman #1, Luca Winkler as Football fan #1, J. Tink Boje Winkler as Football fan #2, Guido Schaepe as Football fan #3, Daniel Kansbeck as Football fan #4, Lasse Winkler as Football fan #5, Milos Kostic as Dealer, Carl-Philipp Wendisch as Grandson, Mathias Eysen as Grandfather, Matthias Friedrich as Man #2, Barbara Ferun as Woman #2, Corinna Borchert as Female passer-by #1, Frank Kallinowski as Passer-by #1, Alexander Baier as Smoker, David Stoll as Teenager #1, Alexander Nenn as Teenager #2, Christopher Peters as Teenager #3, Daniel Faust as Businessman, Andrew Wiese as Police officer #1, Gillian Holt as Police officer #2, Verónica Losantos Sanchez as Female passer-by #2, Lisa Braun as Prostitute #1, Ekaterini Tsapanidou as Prostitute #2, Samantha Rogers as Prostitute #3, Rob Liethoff as Man in argument #1, Dennis Winter as Man in argument #2, Swantje Maue as Room mate, Jean Denis Römer as Police officer #3, Matthias Halbrock as Police officer #4, Jacqueline Roussety as Neighbor, Jost Wiegand as Drunk, Rüdiger Kühmstedt as Grass, Jens U. Meyer as Gangster, Rainer Stoll as Driver, Julia Sophie Mink as Woman at bus stop, Regina Meier-Lautenschläger as Police officer #5, Mirko Schumm as Police officer #6, Alexander Behn as Passer-by, Moritz Jansen as Passer-by, Detlef Kant as Passer-by, Maximilian Lynar as Passer-by, Peter Marth as Passer-by, Kathi Nicolaus as Passer-by, Unal Oezdemiiz as Passer-by, Jacob Wilhelm as Passer-by
Run Time : 76 min
Filming Locations : Berlin, Germany
Country : UK | Germany
Language : German
A gentleman on the pour has one and only middle of the night to weigh up her estranged, destitute father on the styles of Berlin – lower than safe haven of dimness the secrets of their East German earlier period ensue to light.
Berlin. Night. An old, poor smashed stumbles gulp the street. Ignored by everybody – virtually everyone. A lady without warning gives the impression inside front of him – mid-thirties, thin, a medication addict. She stands face-to-face given that the initially duration inside life and the woman she despises. Father also daughter, Volker also Anna. Anna is distressed also on the flow take enjoyment in the police. She involves capital riches urgently also calls the chief to grandpa`s security put box, a chief which she knows her father furthermore has. But Volker claims to tolerate secluded it on the different closest of the city. They started on foot ended the Berlin night, ilk west. On the way, and Anna inside pain, Volker discovers she is bleeding take enjoyment in her tummy – excluding not everything the blood is hers. And at that time he finds the bloodied knife she is carrying… As duration play out also the keep see over within reach in, father also female child run ended the night. Under safe haven of dark the secrets of their East German history go off inside a closing quarrel – also the consequences of period of times history make progress to light.