Winter (2009/I)

Director : Valerio Ventura
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Lisa Simmons as Winter, Jeff Wolfe as Josh, David `Shark` Fralick as Jimmy, James Garrett as Sir Charles Barton, Jan Bartlett as The Cleaner, William Kipp as Bobby
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Burbank, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English | German | Spanish | Italian
A daytime inside the vitality of a line of business sociopath. On her hottest assignment, a hired hit-woman`s universe begins to collapse whilst she comes in the flesh and her own mortality. But is it overly behind schedule to flip back?
Winter, a burnt out, one another disturbing bookings killer is on her plan to an extra challenge as Josh, her long term spouse furthermore partner, struggles to convince her to throw inside the towel her career. Josh was inside the problem himself, furthermore sees something inside Winter that can compromise their life, then again she attempts to come about to grips plus his honesty. Meanwhile headaches transpire plus the mark, Sir Charles Barton, a member of the British parliament who has stolen twenty-two million dollars, discovers that the wealth is gone. Double-crossed by one amongst his cronies, Sir Charles spins out-of-control furthermore hires an accompany specific inside sado-masochistic sex. But the reach is intercepted, furthermore as Winter shows unsleeping disguised for the reach girl, the contest begins. Inevitably, Winter comes head to head plus her own mortality for she attempts plus the notion of something deeper, something that can vary her. And succeeding today, she may perhaps under no circumstances troth the equal again. But as at the moment it`s more than usually delayed to spin back, furthermore blood will need to pour lone plan or another.

Winter (2009/I)
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