Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (2013)

Genre : Crime, News, Reality-TV
Cast : Brittany Murphy as Herself, Julia Davis as Herself – Former Customs and Border Protection Officer / prevailing Whistleblower, BJ Davis as Himself – FBI / IRS / SEC Whistleblower, Holland Vandennieuwenhof as Himself – Investigative Producer (2011-2013), Craig Sawyer as Himself – Former US Air Marshal (2011-2013), James Lane as Himself – Investigative Producer (2011-2013), Daniel Leach as Himself – Chief Judge – EEOC (2011-2013), Anthony Allen Shaffer as Himself – Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer – National Security / CIA Expert (2011-2013), Chance E. Gordon as Himself – Attorney, Herbert P. Kaufer as Himself – Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee (2011-2013), Jeffrey J. Deal as Himself – Customs and Border Protection employee (2011-2013), Michael Kohn as Himself – National Whistleblower Center (2011-2013), Mykola Kot as Himself – Father of prevailing whistleblower Julia Davis (2011-2013), Susan C. Boutwell as Herself – Former Customs nad Border Protection Supervisor (2011-2013), AJ Bertolotti as Himself – Father of Brittany Murphy, Stephen Kohn as Himself – National Whistleblower Center Executive Director (2011-2013), John Bagnolli as Himself – Los Angeles Police Department Detective (2012), Karen Silkwood as Herself – Former Whistleblower who died under mysterious circumstances (2013), Robert C. Bonner as Himself – Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner (2011-2013), Archer Blood as Himself – Former US Counsel General to Pakistan (2012), Bryan Foster as Himself – Former CA Superior Court Judge (2011-2013), Terrence Yeakey as Himself – First Responder to Oklahoma City Bombing (2011), Tressa Sawyer as Herself – Wife of US Air Marshal Craig Sawyer (2011-2013), Steve Cooley as Himself – Former District Attorney for Los Angeles County (2012), Leon Williams as Himself – Los Angeles Police Department Detective (2012), Estelle Kohn as Herself – National Whistleblower Center (2011-2013), Margaret Wood as Herself – Former CA Superior Court Judge (2011-2013), Scott Bloch as Himself – Disgraced former head Office of Special Counsel (2012-2013), Lindsey Williams as Herself – National Whistelblower Center (2011-2013), Debra Wong-Yang as Herself – Former Asst. US Attorney Central federal District CA (2011-2013), A. Howard Matz as Himself – Former Federal Judge (2011-2013), Stephen Montes as Himself – Clerk to A. Hward Matz (2011-2013), Elizabeth Redman as Herself – former Department of Homeland Securty Inspector General (2012)
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Incredible truthful stories of America`s unsung heroes, without whom numerous cases of corruption, mud with government deplete may in no way engagement uncovered.
Incredible right stories of America`s unsung heroes, without whom more or less cases of corruption, mud plus government squander may well in no way troth uncovered. Hear out of this world tales of bravery, integrity plus retaliation that followed. Covering the entirety forums derive pleasure the billion dollar pharmaceutical trade, federal government security, AMA, FDA, SEC, every area of society, government, the problem world, EEOC, MSPB, Federal Circuit, Federal criminal, civil, DOJ plus Supreme Court. Featuring the heroes plus heroines who dared to care. Hosted by the person who wrote it of the New York Best Seller, "Operation Dark Heart", Bronze Star Recipient, CIA operative, Whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer also the right skills of huge Americans plus inconvenient patriots.