Virgil Bliss (2001)

Director : Joe Maggio
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
Cast : Clint Jordan as Virgil Bliss, Kirsten Russell as Ruby, Anthony Gorman as Manny, Greg Amici as Gillette, Marc Romeo as Devo, Anthony Hayden as Lester, Tom Brangle as Captain, Whitney Hamilton as Virgil`s Boss, Denny Bess as Lombardo, Alejandra Leon as Prostitute #2, Richard Biermann as Check-Out Guard, Patrick Sullivan as Drug Dealer, John Hagemann as Big Guard, Patrick Walsh as Little Guard, Mike Bubb as Prisoner, Ted Hamm as Prisoner, Alan Reeder as Prisoner, Matthew Auriemma as Prisoner, Jason Jones as Prisoner
Run Time : 93 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Virgil Bliss is a woman smitten by breathing a common life, locating a okay job, marrying a decent woman…
Virgil Bliss is a fully grown person captivated with alive a usual life, spotting a fine job, marrying a decent woman, also creating a categorization of his own. But for a freshly paroled line of business thief along furthermore a hair-trigger annoyance also the social know how of a child, he faces individual challenges. At the fractional quarters where he gets his foremost sipping of autonomy inside excess of a decade, Virgil meets Manny Alvarez, a highly spiced miscreant who removes the somewhat mentally ignorant Virgil not wide awake to his wing also initiates him inside the habits of the world. It`s Manny who introduces Virgil to Ruby, an opportunistic freak along furthermore whom Virgil falls without delay inside love. As Virgil also Ruby determine to accept as true with each other, they allotment their concerns: Ruby intentions to prevail give any individual a leg up custody of her four-year-old lad also Virgil confesses the atrocious also ridiculous sin that landed him inside prison. After his disclose enjoys the fractional house, Virgil finds execute for a janitor also moves inside along furthermore Ruby. But their struggles to familiarized for a categorization proceed undone along furthermore the nearing of the psychotic Manny.