Untraceable (2008)

Director : Gregory Hoblit
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Diane Lane as Jennifer Marsh, Billy Burke as Detective Eric Box, Colin Hanks as Griffin Dowd, Joseph Cross as Owen Reilly, Mary Beth Hurt as Stella Marsh, Peter Lewis as Richard Brooks, Tyrone Giordano as Tim Wilks, Perla Haney-Jardine as Annie Haskins, Tim De Zarn as Herbert Miller (as Tim deZarn), Christopher Cousins as David Williams (as Chris Cousins), Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Arthur James Elmer, Trina Adams as Female Cop #3, Brynn Baron as Mrs. Miller, John Breen as Richard Weymouth, Dan Callahan as Trey Restom, Erin Carufel as Melanie, Ryan Deal as Cop #1, Marilyn Deutsch as National Newscaster #1, Gray Eubank as Ray, Pete Ferryman as Daytime Newscaster #1, David Freitas as Five O`Clock Newscaster #1, West A. Helfrich as Cop #2, Zack Hoffman as Chief of Police Michael Bagley, Sarah Brillhart as Daughter of Mrs. Miller, Diana Brillhart as Daughter of Mrs. Miller, Ryan Hopkins as Acne-Faced Kid, Len Huynh as Tom Park, Jim Hyde as National Newscaster #2, Dax Jordan as Scotty Hillman, Daniel Liu as Detective Tom Moy, Kimberly Maus as Five O`Clock Newscaster #2, Kirk Mouser as FBI Agent Carter Thompson, Betty Moyer as Assistant, Katie O`Grady as Portland Reporter #2, Jamal N. Qutub as Young Stoner (as Jamal Qutub), Mike Smith as SWAT #1 (as Michael Smith), Kerry Tomlinson as Daytime Newscaster #2, David Wilson as Portland Reporter #1, Gabby Brooks as Girl at birthday party, Kevin Dahlgren as FBI agent, Jeff Mills as FBI Agent, Todd A. Robinson as FBI SWAT Team, Alan Winston as FBI Agent
Plot : FBI originator Jennifer Marsh is tasked also seeking slurp a seemingly untraceable cycle killer who posts live videos of his those who have the ailment on the Internet. As duration behave out, the pussycat plus mouse follow becomes plenty personal.
Run Time : 101 min
Country : USA
Company : Cohen / Pearl Productions

Untraceable (2008)
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