The Monkey`s Mask (2000)

Director : Samantha Lang
Genre : Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Susie Porter as Jill Fitzpatrick, Kelly McGillis as Professor Diana Maitland, Marton Csokas as Nick Maitland, Abbie Cornish as Mickey Norris, William Zappa as Detective Sergeant Wesley, Brendan Cowell as Hayden, Jim Holt as Bill McDonald, Bojana Novakovic as Tianna, Jean-Pierre Mignon as Tony Brach, Caroline Gillmer as Barbara Brach, John Noble as Mr. Norris, Linden Wilkinson as Mrs. Norris, Chris Haywood as Dad Fitzpatrick, Deborah Mailman as Lou, Charlotte Rose Regan as Cerebral Girl, Johnny Lee as Tai Chi Instructor, Sara Nunn as Comforting Policewoman, Brian Wood as Brian, the poet, Amanda Herbert as Stripper, Cassandra McGann as Stripper, Robert Choy as Asian Fisherman, Sky Tse as Asian Fisherman, Billy Mitchell as Stan, Kathryn Hartman as Policewoman, Annie Jones as Evelyn McDonald, John Batchelor as Steve Gigi Edgley as Tianna, Alan Hennessy as Detective, Diana Kotatko as Woman with Great Legs
Run Time : 93 min | Spain:94 min
Filming Locations : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Country : Australia | Canada | France | Italy | Japan
Language : English
A lesbian intimate spy dives class foremost into murder, manipulation furthermore the eating voltage of sex.
Jill Fitzpatrick is a 28-year old, street-smart, out-of-work inner most investigator wishing she wasn`t celibate. Eager given that the go through of adrenaline, she accepts a business exploring the disappearance of Mickey, a immature lady student. Jill directly knocks a generate as well as the seductive Diana, Mickey`s poetry lecturer. But it is not extensive earlier than Mickey`s strangled body is found. Distrusting the cops, Mickey`s grief-stricken parents discuss with Jill to evaluate her murderer. Jill is before long hurled into a fanatical liaison as well as Diana because she enters the surprisingly seamy underworld of Mickey`s life, seeking given that tips to her murder. For whom prepared Mickey put in writing her sexually charged poems? What is the question between Mickey with her two beloved poets? Who is abandoning weird messages inside verse on Jill`s retorting machine? Blinded by her passion, Jill is compromised inside her pursuit given that the specific – awaiting her own subsistence is inside danger.

The Monkey`s Mask (2000)
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