The Horseman (2008)

Director : Steven Kastrissios
Genre : Crime, Thriller
Cast : Peter Marshall as Christian Forteski, Caroline Marohasy as Alice, Brad McMurray as Derek, Jack Henry as Finn, Evert McQueen as Jim, Christopher Sommers as Pauly, Bryan Probets as Walters, Steve Tandy as Devlin, Chris Betts as Hilton, Damon Gibson as Chuck, Hannah Levien as Jesse, Ron Kelly as Det. Adams, Robyn Moore as Irene, Warren Meacham as Richards, Greg Quinn as Kenneth, Rhye Copeman as Eddie
Plot : Christian, a divorced father along with ashen collar businessman grieves excess of the complicated decease of his daughter…
Run Time : 96 min
Country : Australia
Company : Kastle Films

The Horseman (2008)
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