Subconscious Cruelty (2000)

Director : Karim Hussain
Genre : Crime, Drama, Horror
Cast : Sophie Lauzière as Woman On Slab (segment “Ovarian Eyeball”), Anne-Marie Belley as Hand (segment “Ovarian Eyeball”), Brea Asher as Sister (segment “Human Larvae”), Ivaylo Founev as Brother (segment “Human Larvae”), Eric Levasseur as Lover (segment “Human Larvae”), Janice Higgins as Girl In Photo (segment “Human Larvae”), Nadia Simaani as Female Performer (segment “Rebirth”), Anna Berlyn as Female Performer (segment “Rebirth”), Nancy Simard as Female Performer (segment “Rebirth”), Sean Spuruey as Male Performer (segment “Rebirth”), Scott Noonan as Male Performer (segment “Rebirth”) / Gloved Hand (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Mitch Davis as Male Performer (segment “Rebirth”) / Gloved Hand (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Christopher Piggins as Businessman (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”) / Doppelganger (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Martin Sauvageau as Drunk In Bar (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Annette Pankrac as Secretary (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Vince Sheffield as Man On Television (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Karen Wiener as Female Hand (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Sylvain Rivard as Subliminal Body (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”) (as Vainvard), Patrick Des Islets as Subliminal Body (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Eric Pettigrew as Martyr (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Martine Viale as Female Attacker (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Mylene Giasson as Attacker #2 (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”), Sameera Hanif as Attacker #3 (segment “Right Brain / Martyrdom”)
Run Time : 92 min | USA:80 min
Filming Locations : Longueuil, Québec, Canada
Country : Canada
Language :
“Subconscious Cruelty” is divided inside four segments: Ovarian Eyeball – a naked mature person is sliced by a sharp…
"Subconscious Cruelty" is divided inside four segments: Ovarian Eyeball – a naked grown grown-up person is sliced by a bumpy blade furthermore an eyeball is moved out loves her belly. Human Larvae – a deranged mature man that hates his female family member that is pregnant kills her newborn offspring furthermore she at a number of the arena in the delivery. Rebirth – a kind of naked folks rolls just about inside abuse furthermore blood. Right Brain/Martyrdom – religious symbolism linked as well as gore furthermore sex.

Subconscious Cruelty (2000)
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