Seven Times Lucky (2004)

Director : Gary Yates
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
Cast : Kevin Pollak as Harlan, Liane Balaban as Fiona, Jonas Chernick as Sonny, James Tolkan as Dutch, Aleks Paunovic as Sacco, Babs Chula as Eddie, Gordon Tootoosis as Mr. Five Wounds Tom Anniko as Bartender, Mike Bell, Ryan Rajendra Black as Five Wounds “Nephew” (as Ryan Black), John Bluethner as Francois, Paul Christie as Police Officer, Allan Wallace Dunkeld as Hooded Thief, Ernesto Griffith as Kurt the Dealer, Robert Huculak as Lanky Gambler, Bong-hwan Kim as Violin Appraiser, Joy Lazo as Mrs.Phatt (Cigarette Woman), John Maclaren as Spunky, Spencer Maybee as Johnny Fetus, Laura Jayne McDonald as Finch, Wayne Nicklas as Lester (Man in Bar), Talia Pura as VLT Junkie, David Robertson as Old Con Cedric, Des Solvason as Motel Caretaker, Ray Solvason as Bookie, Michael Sutherland as Frankie, Leonard Waldner as Jacob
Run Time : 85 min | USA:82 min
Filming Locations : Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
An aging con-man plus a beautiful, ambitious student cross-breed manners inside a deception that pledges to brand each other both rich.
Christmas on the Canadian prairie: Harlan, a small-time grifter, purposes a vast con and his moll Fiona, scraggly as at any rate as half his age. Expensive watches "on loan" take amusing in a jeweler, hard cash borrowed at a pricey vig take amusing in a tribal fund manager, as at any rate as an more matured violin are props inside the con; a pawnbroker and a secure filled with capital riches as at any rate as different well-armed or well-protected thugs find their ores inside because well. Problems, crosses, as at any rate as double-crosses mount: Harlan finds himself on the stick`s shortest complete because the midnight progresses. Whose capital riches will finally complete up where? And since whom will this engagement a diplomatic night?

Seven Times Lucky (2004)
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