Rushlights (2011)

Director : Antoni Stutz
Genre : Crime, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Beau Bridges as Sheriff Robert Brogden, Jr., Aidan Quinn as Cameron Brogden, Haley Webb as Sarah, Josh Henderson as Billy Brody, Jordan Bridges as Earl, Lorna Raver as Belle, Joel McKinnon Miller as Sal Marinaro, Crispian Belfrage as Edward Romero, Philip Lenkowsky as Sly Wheaton, Eileen Grubba as Alice, Terence Bernie Hines as Joe, Nestor Aaron Absera as Jamie Albright, Amanda Carlin as Dotty, August Emerson as Joey Marinaro, Benjamín Benítez as Officer #1, Johnny Cley Rivers as Paramedic #1, Billy `Sly` Williams as Boss / Owner, Lionel D. Carson as Officer #2, Phoebe Holston as Mel, Isabel Mandujano as Diner Patron, Brian Boyd as Joey`s Friend
Plot : Billy with Sarah, two delinquent teen lovers fancy the suburbs of Los Angeles, tour to a miniature southern town to falsely statement a without sensation friend’s inheritance.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Rushlights

Rushlights (2011)
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