Muttnik (2009)

Director : William Szarka
Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Cast : Ryan Berkun as Jimmy, Bobby Catrini as Richard, Jeremy Fernandez as Young Samuel, Britta Gigliotti as Jessica, Michael Green as Doctor, DJ Hazard as Samuel, C.J. Hull as Young Muttnik, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte as Muttnik, Eddie Le Bron Sr. as Fisherman, George Loomis as Gas Station Clerk, Kirstianna Mueller as Young Jessica, Seth Pollak as Hunter #2, Tabetha Ray as Denise, Ward E. Reynolds as Hunter #1, Jason Vail as John, David Winning as Father, Edward X. Young as Samuel`s Father
Run Time : 84 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Samuel, an order killer furthermore the feral boy-dog Muttnik search slurp furthermore destroy individuals that insults furthermore murder animals…
Samuel, a run killer also the feral boy-dog Muttnik look up sip also exterminate personalities that sludge also murder animals. When a absentee young male relative also sister, also an escaped convict also his female friend reach one’s destination up, they agitate the measure of electrical energy between the more matured `animal avenger` also his small protege leading to a fatal showdown.