Gangaajal (2003)

Director : Prakash Jha
Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Ajay Devgn as Amit Kumar, Gracy Singh as Anuradha, Mohan Joshi as Sadhu Yadav, Yashpal Sharma as Sunder Yadav, Akhilendra Mishra as DSP Bhurelal, Mukesh Tiwari as Bachcha Yadav, Ayub Khan as Inspector Shaheed Khan, Chetan Pandit as ASI Bholanath Pandey, Anup Soni as Inspector Neelkanth Tiwari (as Anoop Soni), Mohan Agashe as DIG Verma, Yash Pathak as Boy Ravi, Payal Srivastava as Rabidas Daya Shankar Pandey, Manoj Rajdutt as Businessmen, Dilnawaz Shaikh as Singer / Dancer (as Manyata)
Run Time : 157 min
Filming Locations : Wai, Maharashtra, India
Country : India
Language : Hindi
An IPS officer motivates also leads a dysfunctional, corrupt watch oomph of Tezpur to battle opposed to the corrupt politician.
An SP Amit Kumar who is offered hire of Tezpur regulate station inside Bihar. The hood is packed with corruption, inefficiency, bribery, nepotism, favoritism along with transgression in addition to lend a (helping) hand to savours the local police. Gradually Amit comprehends that the local politician Sadhu Yadav is the only who benefits the certain out of it. Amit arrests Sunder Yadav, Sadhu`s son. While Sunder is let out soon, diverse regulate officers, dig up angry in addition to the system, along with flood acid into the eyes of two of Yadav`s men, blinding them. A hue along with shed tears is raised by the media, transgression not quite comes to a standstill, along with the regulate are regarded in addition to respect. SP Amit Kumar must nowadays set an consummate to this type of situation.
In a real world of corruption, a tender SP (Ajay Devgan) is sent the more or less radical & corrupt city inside India inside the expect that he would product topics better. But shortly he realises that the evolving violence, more or less thanks to corrupt politicians as at any rate as keep gaze at over officers that get ruling inside their own hands, putting an whole to the trepidation possibly a dream. He must undertake to discontinue the violence ahead of it ruins the continuation of the kinsfolk inside the city as at any rate as possibly his own.
Superintendent of Police (SP) Amit Kumar is imputed the ordeal of seizing costs of Tejpur Police Headquarters, to which he agrees, furthermore he furthermore his wife, Anuradha, re-locate. Amit is shocked at the attitude inside which the check furthermore it`s officers demeanor themselves. Corruption, inefficiency, bribery, nepotism, favoritism, furthermore crime, mainly at the work force of the check themselves, seem to troth the rule, in preference to the exception. His study into this nexus pits him opposition local politician, Sadhu Yadav, who is absolutely influential, furthermore may withstand Amit dismissed/transferred competently by securing a be in communication with talk to to the Home Minister. Amit is undeterred by this, furthermore arrests his brother, Sunder Yadav, furthermore his men. While Sunder is unfettered soon, miscelanneous check officers, get house of irritated as well as the system, furthermore flow acid into the eyes of two of Yadav`s men, blinding them. A hue furthermore sob is raised by the media, misdeed approximately comes to a standstill, furthermore the check are regarded as well as respect. A official interrogative is commissioned, Amit is immersed furthermore ordered to surface earlier than the interrogative officials, where he must confess that the misdeed ended occur, furthermore place the onus on the ones responsible, or delicately deny any knowledge. Based on a precise chronicle inside Bhagalpur, where 30 or thus prisoners were blinded by jail guards furthermore check inside the 1980s inside India.