Exhibit X (2012)

Director : Brian Shotwell
Genre : Crime, Horror, Thriller
Cast : Apriel Starkweather as Angela, Brian Shotwell as Billy, Xu Razer as Tony, Suzanne Revell as Clara, Tim Flores as Sean, Rick Shapiro as Introduction, Carolina Liechtenstein as Rancher, Dominic Holmes as Paranormal Witness, Julie Ragsdale as Paranormal Witness Rachel Ruano
Run Time : USA:91 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A have a night on the tiles caught up inside one in every of the certain haunted houses inside the countryside for a marketing stunt to start off an additional liquor firm finished in addition to 51 groups of people dead…
A enjoy oneself trapped inside one amongst the numerous haunted houses inside the nation-state since a advertisement stunt to commence one more liquor organization finished in addition to 51 kinsmen dead. The keep see over returned on the view to rate the residence on fire. They oversaw to rescue only human being bask in the blaze, a attractive order bask in New York who is not the pleasantness get a whiff of inside the murder trial. A camera containing footage bask in that nighttime was in addition judged inside the residence along with delivered to investigators. This is the forbidden footage leaked by a jury member inside one amongst the numerous infamous murder trials inside US past along with the foremost of its form of incorporates supernatural evidence.

Exhibit X (2012)
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