Cannibal (2007)

Director : Ulli Lommel
Genre : Crime, Horror
Cast : Trevor Parsons as Adam, Jillian Swanson as Noelle, Michael Barbour as Morris, Danielle Petty as Derek, Jacqueline Page as Dr. Kennedy, Nola Roeper as Mother, Stephany Madame as Inmate I, Karen Dupont as Inmate II, Tricia B. Davis as Inmate III, James Littlehale as Jailer, Michael Towne as Supervisor, Bud Watson as Father, Rachael Devlin as Nurse, Jeff Frentzen as Attorney (as Curtis Graan), Jack Navarone as Guard, Christian Behm as Junk Collector
Plot : They lighted on on the Internet. They diminished inside love. They drove to the waste in addition to stopped at an forlorn warehouse…
Run Time : 81 min
Country : USA
Company : Hollywood House of Horror