Addicts (2009)

Director : Ali Askari
Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Ali Askari as Keith, Sashah Askari as Jaz (as Sashah Farrah Askari), Anya Benton as Dee, Carolina Bonetti as Wes, John Brickner as Adam, Alexandria Bridges as Maggie, JD Bushard as Derek, Louis Carazo as Stephen, Adam Dubowsky as Johnie, Jonas Fisch as Evan, Ian Fisher as Levee, Mike Foy as Mike, Don Hale Jr. as Tony (as Vas Hale), Larry Bam Hall as Victor, Aaron Hawk as Sonny, Anna Mikaels as Molly, Ashley Olds as Kim, Tommy Rhone as Kyle, Cory R. Starr as Silent Thug, Will Tijerina as Victor, Michael Kenneth Williams as Lil J (as Michael K. Williams)
Run Time : USA:72 min
Filming Locations : Arizona, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Three friends arrange to players unsleeping as anyhow as plant a monopoly on their local medication market.
After a struggle at a residence have a ball a loner medicine dealer (Adam) decides to lineup wide awake plus one more dealer (Mike) plus his female friend (Jaz). The three plan to deposit a monopoly on their local medicine broadcast inside hopes of let go Phoenix plus putting in shop inside California. Which runs nonetheless for the basis that on the focus of a week or two although subsequently they obtain threatened, unhappily they don`t recognize who they obtain threatened by thus they plan to eradicate plus extort their largest competition.

Addicts (2009)
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