18 Shades of Dust (2001)

Director : Danny Aiello III
Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Danny Aiello as Vincent Dianni, William Forsythe as Tommy Cucci, Jessica Di Cicco as Theresa, Jarrod Bunch as Cooz John Battista as Benno, Federico Castelluccio as Bouncer #1, Leonardo Cimino as Connie Broglio, Polly Draper as Marilyn, Mark Margolis, Michael Margotta as Petey, Ernest Mingione as Torro, Vincent Pastore as Matty `The Horse` Brancato, Frank Pellegrino as Eddie Baggs, Larry Romano as Jimmy the Pope, Timilee Romolini as Angie, Raymond Serra as Sammy Coppola, Tyree Michael Simpson as Bouncer #2, Jonny Fido as Gopher
Run Time : 95 min | Germany:87 min
Country : USA
Language : English

18 Shades of Dust (2001)
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