You`re Killing Me… (2001)

Director : Antoni Stutz
Genre : Comedy, Thriller
Cast : Julie Bowen as Jamie Quinn, Traci Lords as Laura Engles, Dawn Maxey as Arlene, Michael Sottile as Tony, David Packer as Al Barsini, Scott Trost as Larry, Neal McDonough as Peter Gish, Walter Olkewicz as The Embalmer, Gabrielle Beimford as Edie, Ed Evanko as Mr. Landers, John Bradley as Detective Peterson, Paul Reed as Taxi Driver, Amy Kiehl as Waitress, Rachel Lovey as Mrs. Laury, Sunday Theodore as Embalmer Assistant, Brian Card as Bar Patron, Cindy Rucker Trost as Dead Woman #1 (as Cindy Rucker), Terri King as Dead Woman #2, Paul Denk as Dead Guy, Jijo Reed as Cab Driver, Stephen Lattimer as Ken the Writer, Erin Chandler as Bar Waitress, Danny Kuchuck as Heavy Metal Shopper, Brian Lally as Taxi Cab Driver
Run Time : 86 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
You`re killing Me is a current anticipated of period comedy/thriller spinning as facets to three little grown persons on the lookout for settling of scores on the irredeemable people at large inside their lives.
Jamie is a victorious novelist caught up inside a ghastly relationship along furthermore her possessive boyfriend. But whilst stuffs acquire out of dominate with Jamie out of the blue kills him, Jamie`s ally Laura at the neighboring of a third friend, Arlene encourage Jamie to refuge if wide awake knowing she will not obtain gala day analysis by the court system. But whilst stuffs acquire additional complicated, the three women unite forces to commit additional murders of abusive, cheating with lying men.

You`re Killing Me… (2001)
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