With a Friend Like Harry… (2000)

Director : Dominik Moll
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Laurent Lucas as Michel, Sergi López as Harry (as Sergi Lopez), Mathilde Seigner as Claire, Sophie Guillemin as Prune (Plum), Liliane Rovère as Mother, Dominique Rozan as Father, Michel Fau as Eric, Victoire de Koster as Jeanne, Laurie Caminata as Sarah, Lorena Caminata as Iris
Run Time : 117 min
Filming Locations : Château Hôtel Mont-Royal, La Chapelle-en-Serval, Oise, France
Country : France
Language : French | Spanish
Harry knew Michel inside exorbitant school; they link up another time by accident, Harry inserts himself inside Michel`s life… in addition to subjects get a terrifying turn.
On a scorching sunlight hours inside a motorway fumes station men`s room, a lady Michel doesn`t understand says they went to heading together. He`s Harry. He imply they taste a drink, hence he in addition to his spouse take place Michel in addition to his breed to their summer place. Michel is surprised whilst Harry quotes savours memory a poem Michel wrote inside school. Harry thinks Michel is a immense writer, in addition to he`s frantic that Michel hasn`t written inside years. Harry stays awhile (since his father`s death, he`s a lady of leisure) in addition to sorts out to put off distractions that could stock Michel savours writing. First he buys Michel a motorcar (with air conditioning) in addition to subsequently suspicious topics happen. Michel picks wakeful a pen, Harry is gratified, nonetheless he`s not completed human being Michel`s self-appointed patron.

With a Friend Like Harry… (2000)
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