When Timawa Meets Delgado (2007)

Director : Ray Gibraltar
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Kristoffer Rhys Grabato as Ruben Timawa, Rhenomar Soqueño as Jun Delgado, Sofie Garrucho, Skim Guevarra (as Enrique Guevarra), Color It Red, Mista Blaze, Jojo Pineda, P.G. Zoluaga Mona Pico, J.I.E. Teodoro
Run Time : 70 min
Country : Philippines
Language : Filipino | English
When Timawa meets Delgado “When Timawa meets Delgado” is a difficult anecdote that revolves on the theme of the equally-unconventional…
When Timawa meets Delgado "When Timawa meets Delgado" is an out of the ordinary chronicle that revolves almost the equally-unconventional lives Jun Delgado along with Ruben Timawa, along with their major thoroughfare to come upon their American dreams: to troth nurses. A self-proclaimed filmmaker whose parents along with siblings are before now inside America, Delgado decides to enroll inside Nursing behind ending as well as his harassing girlfriend. Timawa, on the different hand, is a gay literature guru along with a Palanca award-winning person behind who yet decides to enroll inside nursing while the criticize of his taste went to America . When they link up at the College of Nursing dean`s office, worlds of likelihoods open.

When Timawa Meets Delgado (2007)
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