Welcome to the North (2012)

Director : Luca Miniero
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Claudio Bisio as Alberto Colombo, Alessandro Siani as Mattia Volpe, Angela Finocchiaro as Silvia Colombo / Erminia, Valentina Lodovini as Maria, Nando Paone as Costabile piccolo, Giacomo Rizzo as Costabile grande, Nunzia Schiano as Mattia`s mother, Salvatore Misticone as Scapece, Paolo Rossi as Palmisan, Fulvio Falzarano as Mario, Ippolita Baldini as La Dodi, Francesco Brandi as Sandrino Teco Celio as Leghista, Canella Diava as Ragazza in discoteca, Katia Follesa as Tassista, Emma Marrone as Herself – Singer (as Emma), Francesco Migliaccio as Comisoni, Gianmarco Pozzoli as Magonza, Nicola Selenu as Walk-on Actor, Alessandro Vighi as Chicco
Run Time : 110 min
Filming Locations : Milan Centrale Station, Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Country : Italy
Language : Italian
Now inside the Far North (i.e. Milan!), Alberto has permitted to alter a schedule given that efficiency advantage inside the Italian Post…
Now inside the Far North (i.e. Milan!), Alberto has allowed to contend with a list since efficiency good inside the Italian Post. He bequeaths the entirety his duration plus the entirety his power to this noble (?) test plus neglects his lady Silvia, which of access annoys her further from limits. Things do not fare a large amount of improved inside Castellabate where it is quite Maria, Matta`s wife, who gets on his nerves by regularly blaming him since his lack of ambition. One day, as a end product of a misunderstanding, Mattia is transferred to… Milan! And on whose doorstep accomplishes he land? Alberto`s of course!

Welcome to the North (2012)
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