Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (2001)

Director : Shôhei Imamura
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast : Kôji Yakusho as Yosuke Sasano, Misa Shimizu as Saeko Aizawa, Mitsuko Baishô as Mitsu Aizawa, Mansaku Fuwa as Gen, Isao Natsuyagi as Masayuki Uomi, Yukiya Kitamura as Shintaro Uomi, Hijiri Kojima as Mika Tagami, Toshie Negishi as Tomoko Sasano, Sumiko Sakamoto as Masako Yamada, Gadarukanaru Taka as Taizo Tachibana, Mickey Curtis as Nobuyuki Ohnishi, Takao Yamada as Kazuo Namamura, Katsuo Nakamura as Takao Yamada, Kazuo Kitamura as Taro
Run Time : Argentina:122 min | France:119 min | UK:119 min | USA:119 min
Country : Japan | France
Language : Japanese
A down-and-out businessman travels to a seaside town, where he meets a personality of in full bloom age in addition to freaky sexual powers.
An impractical tale. Taro, an archaic grown person who dies vagrant inside Tokyo has counseled Yosuke, a weak-willed out-of-work salaryman with details to a positive statue that he departed existence ago inside a domicile by the aquatic inside Noto. Yosuke operates plus he`s fascinated by Saeko, a tender gentlemen who lives inside the domicile where Taro departed the statue. She has an out of the ordinary affliction: wet builds conscious inside her plus she might solitary exhaust it by wicked acts, such since shoplifting, or, plenty powerfully, completed orgasm. Yosuke obliges, the wet devotes him life, along with the plant life plus fish it reaches. Saeko feels shame, plus she has a past. Taro`s ghost urges Yosuke to fulfill his desires, except might the relationship survive?

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (2001)
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