True to the Heart (2011)

Director : Mitchell Kase
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Andrew Ruth as Drew, Meghan Grace O`Leary as Kaitlyn, Michael Hartney as Michael, Dina Ann Comolli as Roberta, Arielle Rosales as Kitty Rose, Meagan Robar as Melissa, Jose Angel Sepulveda as Diego, Michael Derek as Rob, Adam Harper as Roy Pollack, Katie Warner Johnson as Sgt Hartman, Christopher Eadicicco as Skinny bar patron, Mitchell Kase as Party Impressionist, Byron Stankus as Clown, Razor Rizotti as Announcer, Anthony Robles as Bartender, Pedro Marti as Subway Rider, Bailey Stankus as Concert CD Seller, Paola Massas as Hair Dresser, Greg Melnick as Stan, Kia Warren as Sarah, Mandel T. Elmore as Skinny bar patron, Samm Breyer as Concert Crowd, Sagui Silber as Concert Crowd, Tracey McFarland as Party mom, Michael Ficklin as Concert crowds, Micah Bayne as Bar Manager, Frank Lombardo as Fred Thomas, Emily Davila as Waitress, Aaron Edell as Open Mic Manager, Kimberly Caudle as Subway Rider, Lucas Patsch as Blue Collar Singer, Preston Charles as Otis, Carol Heelihy as Open Mic Bartender, Alexia Papados as Sheila, Reuben Hunter as Respectable Bartender
Plot : A over confident musician ruins his line of business as soon as he rubs a music reviewer the improper habit solitary midnight at diverse show of a performance…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Epiphany Storm Productions

True to the Heart (2011)
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