The Weather`s Warm When the Sun`s Hot (2010)

Director : Andrew Fitzgerald
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cast : Kyle Bickley as Laurence, L. Rhian Bickley as Walrus, Richard Cutting as Thompson, Victoria Guthrie as Darling, Victoria Long as Ginger, Jerry Perna as Frankie Boy
Run Time : 87 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A forlorn mortgage broker engrossed inside an existential smog turns his get any person out of a tight spot on dollars furthermore logic furthermore embarks on a peripatetic odyssey in addition to a bounder drifter.
After allowing for the feeble system of ethics close the economic world, Laurence grass his career for a mortgage broker as in any case as flies to the west beach along furthermore a stinker drifter got wind Walrus. As he seeks to prepared his cautious future, their traveling odyssey unravels into an order of leisurely trivial ploys by Walrus to bare Laurence`s serial account. Laurence, one time fanatical to the arranged edicts of economic institutions, begins to envisage interesting matches inside Walrus` wonts as in any case as must facial features the circumstances of greed, spending, as in any case as warmth one time they are neglected inside the desolate wilds of the American southwest.