The Shadow of Death (2012)

Director : Gav Chuckie Steel
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Cast : Dan Bone as Craven, Charlie Bore as Marley, John Brown as Killer, Ryan Burge as Skater 1, Daniel Carter-Hope as Dan, Stewart Dakers as Farther Malone, Sophia Disgrace as Nancy, Ross Doney as Policeman, Craven Drive Double as Andy Clarke, Mary Elliot as Jogger, Will Hewitt as Skater 3, Catherine Hoare as Cravens mum, Jasmine Hoare as Little girl in woods, Patric Howe as Sarge, Corinna Jane as Debra, Victoria Logan as Policewoman, Martin Penrose as Biker, Dean Robertson as Skater 2, Dave Sewell as Body piecer, Abi Thorpe as Running in woods intro girl, Max Thorpe as young Craven, Bird Watcher as G J Hoare SNR, Jane West as Jamie
Run Time : 81 min
Filming Locations : Guildford, Surrey, England, UK
Country : UK
Language : English
Set inside an English tree-plant countryside, Debra with her most excellent friends Jamie with Nancy develop Dan, Nancey`s ex…
Set inside an English tree-plant countryside, Debra plus her paramount friends Jamie plus Nancy obtain Dan, Nancey`s ex, to depart to the woods to score many weed. Unknown to each other a killer who resembles bereavement is cleansing the countryside. With a wannabe policeman plus a gallimaufry of the public out as many new air, the woods are no zone to depart gulp today.

The Shadow of Death (2012)
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