The Quiet Room (2010)

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast : Angelique Chandy as Supernatural Entity, Lian Chang as Security Guard #2, Jessica Alexandra Green as Gina the Yoga Chick, Brian Ish as Henry, Jesse Kane-Hartnett as Jeremiah, Lloyd Kaufman as Lloyd the Coffee Cart Guy, Rick Lattimer as Nino, Antonella Lentini as Nun, Tia Nana Link as Dream Sprite, Nick MacCarone as Security Guard #1, Kiran Malhotra as Pushpita, Walt Miller as Suit, Jillian Owens as Vanessa / Lucky, Sajeev Pillai as Lakshmi, Monroe Robertson as Steve, Olivia Roric as Miriam, Rony Sheer as Dead Guy, David Skigen as Evangelist, Jennifer Soo as Vera, Max Stein as Johnson, Chris Triana as Byron, Gillian Visco as Lechman, David Weinheimer as Jack
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA
Language : English
At the measurement of the monetary meltdown, a beaten-down monetary analyst discovered Lakshmi starts to imagine he is the Messiah…
At the breadth of the financial meltdown, a beaten-down monetary analyst observed Lakshmi starts to believe he is the Messiah. The Quiet Room is an off-beat comedy near to man`s perceptual seek inside the facial expression of the system, the supernatural, also the banal.

The Quiet Room (2010)
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