The Newest Pledge (2011)

Director : Jason Michael Brescia
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Rob Steinhauser as Pledge, Joseph Booton as Rico, Kevin Myers as Hodges, Jason Mewes as Professor Street, Mindy Sterling as President Dumervile, Barry Pearl as Mr. Motes, Andy Milonakis as Rex Moonberry, Kevin Nash as Merkhaus` Dad, G.W. Bailey as Mr. Hodgkinson, George Snarberg as 39, Nate McGarity as Rodney `Night Train` Maine, Beth Lepley as Caitlin, Sean Tsaconas as Thames, Rich Rotella as Richie Sambora, Justin Jones as El Nino, Greg Vrotsos as Merkhaus, Tombstone Stinton as T-Brow, Renato Fambro as Renato, Daniel Barber as Giles, Alex Kurnow as Max, Michael Gavrielov as Kegstone, Russell Aziz as Steak Mungro, Michael O`Hearn as Cop 1, Reed Anthony as Cop 2 (as Anthony Reed D`Euginio), Nick Nicotera as Beta Fraternity Member (as Nic Nac), Dossett Marchese as Beta Fraternity Member 2 (as Dossett March), Ankur Bhatt as Eric, Brent Rode as Pi Member 2, Karen McClain as Mrs. Maine, Glenda Morgan Brown as Mrs. Hodgkinson, Glenn Hoeffner as Thames` Father, Jackie Flynn as El Nino`s Father, Arlene Martinez as El Nino`s Mother, Robert Marra as Renato`s Dad, Richard Allan Jones as Renato`s Father, Kenny Morse as Mr. Collison, Pamela Holt as Mrs. Collison, Heather McMahon as T-Brow`s Mom, Kelly Galindo as Mom, Chaenel Downey as Brittany, Cece Stewart as Night Train`s Date, Alexa Giuffre as Richie Sambora`s Date, Lauren Moore as Melissa, Mary Kate Wiles as Vanessa, Jeneta St. Clair as News Reporter, Renée Mignosa as T-Brow`s Date, Fifi Larue as Fifi Larue, Bryson Pintard as Clap It Up Guy, Craig C. Chen as Angry Janitor, Kelli Stokes as Social Worker, Willam Belli as Sailor, Mark Archuleta as Mike Martinez Sportscaster, Derek Witte as Smoker at Party, Michael Benz as Futuristic Party Go-er, Curt Mega, Mike Cassidy as Macho Student, Amanda Musso as Beatrice, Alan Ehrlich as Sports Reporter, Kelly Sarah as Female Student, Clayton Shane Farris as Rico Supporter
Plot : A rigid letting one’s hair down fraternity decides to vow a infant that they count on their doorstep the daybreak subsequent to their more decadent go on a bender of the semester.
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA
Company : Dawn Etta Films

The Newest Pledge (2011)
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