The Love Patient (2011)

Director : Michael Simon
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Benjamin Lutz as Paul, John Werskey as Brad, Jackson Palmer as Ted, Madison Gray as Stephanie, Mike Pfaff as Dr. Burt Halper, Laura Ulsh as Esther, John Kilpatrick as Walter, Oto Brezina as Dante, Tara Ciabattoni as Account Executive, Aaron Farkas as Jonathon, Jeremy Herzig as Billy, Tommy Evan Lee as Waiter, Tyler McClain as Actress in Commercial, Andrew Miller as Jack, Theo Mondle as Drummer, Anabelle Munro as Earth, Denis O`Mahoney as Dr. Halper Sr., Marc Raymond as Mr. Miller, Annette Remter as Debra, Sherena Rupan as Sanjin, Alicia Seymour as Susan Halper, Michael Simon as Mr. Lowenthal, Jerry Ter Horst as Gabe, Hunter G. Williams as Actor in Commercial
Plot : Plot not found!!
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
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The Love Patient (2011)
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