The Locals (2011)

Genre : Comedy, Horror
Cast : Tyler James as Issac, LeighAnn Gould as Kate, Joseph Graves as Mike, Garth Edwinson as Jon, Yuko Wells as Sarah, Jarod Norelius as Jed, Bradley Mayhew as Mudd, Audrey Walters as Mrs. Dawson, Laura Baukol as Soccer Mom Zombie, Marianne Page as Bar Fly Zombie, Henry Cavalier as LCA Agent #2, Mercedes Daugherty as Hungry Zombie, Kyle Woodiel as College Guy, J.T. Richardson as Lieutenant LCA Agent, Swann Christopher as Bitten LCA Agent, Tom Jankowski as General Mark Faraday, Robert A. Webb as Frank Yale, Drew Walters as Kid #2, Daniel Cota as Survivor Leader, Amber Ashley as College Zombie, Helen Trencher as Survivor Woman, Ashley Morales as Jean, Danny Licciardello as Office worker, Andrea Hazzard as Frozen Zombie, Andrea Hazzard as Frozen Zombie, Nick Holmes as Angry Zombie, Kathleen Fay Magee as Zombie, Matthew Baukol as LCA Agent, Austen Jankowski as Skater Zombie, Caroline Hofmann as Dead Zombie, Brennan Searain as Random Guy, Madeline Walters as Survivor Girl, Rebbie Bautista as Lani, Brittany Weinberger as Civilian / Office worker, Jack Walters as Kid, Daniel Jennings as Park Zombie, Lindsey Mulvany as Cowgirl Zombie, Breeze Hess as Doctor 2, James Burdg as Zombie Leader, Scotty Routon as Doctor 1 / Zombie, Andrew Sowin as LCA Agent #3, David Sharman as Janitor
Plot : The universe changed. For miscelanneous reason, it didn’t flick out since dreadful since we the complete lot considered it would.
Run Time : 69 min
Country : USA
Company : Critical End Films

The Locals (2011)
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