The Donut, the Balloon and the Lifesaver (2008)

Director : Banks Helfrich
Genre : Comedy, Family
Cast : Jodi Chase as Aunt Shannon, Melissa Gruver as Aunt Leslie, Banks Helfrich as Doc Shockey, Halsey Helfrich as Drew Shockey, Skeet Karsgaard as Bum, Annie Kidwell as Myrtle, Joe Kishazy as Tommie, Jim Lowman as Uncle Bob, Bill Massey as Jones, Ashley McClellan as Molly, Randy Molnar as Harry Shockey, Sonja Mullens as Shaila Shockey, John Pelkey as Parade Announcer, R.J. Stallman as Nancy, Monica Travers as Aunt Kim, Brewier Welch as Uncle Jim, Melanie Whipple as Parade Announcer
Run Time : USA:86 min
Filming Locations : Lake Helen, Florida, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
An quaint division gets caught spending the identical Thanksgiving excess of furthermore over.
Pre-adolescent aspiring writer, Drew Shocky, gets caught spending Thanksgiving plus his aberrant leaf blower-loving father, donut-consuming mum as in any case as monotonous aunts as in any case as uncles. His solitary shelter is Molly, the bumper sticker-creating male relative as in any case as his move stealthily as in any case as pencil.

The Donut, the Balloon and the Lifesaver (2008)
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