The Couch (2009/I)

Director : Jeff Subik
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Christina Olin as Dave`s Sister, Nadya Ginsburg as Bobka, Elizabeth Rich as Elizabeth, Janet Sarno as Neighbor, Brendan Burke as Brendan, James Greco as James, Reg Flowers, Sulai Lopez as Brendan`s Wife, John Blackwood as Little John, Ruby Lawrence as Religious Woman #1, Arthur Aulisi as Homeless Guy, Kathryn Markey as Producer, Damon Dunay as Dave, Jeff Subik as Jeff, Len Xiang as Musician, Madeleine Maby as Religious Woman #2, Tom Ellis as Tom, Yadira Martinez as Girl at Party, Chao Williams as Drea`s Date, Philip Cruise as Delivery guy, Eddie Miller as General Contractor, Jacob Blackwood as Jacob, Marissa Kay Stephens as Hippie Chick, Michael Turzanski as Couch Surfer, Whalen Moe as Moe, Steve Goldberger as Gordy, Robert Lincourt as Flasher, Andrea Leblanc as Drea, T.J. Stone as Guy, Andrew Subik as Carpenter, Barry Rothstein as Drunk at Party
Run Time : 76 min
Country : USA
Language : English
The couch looking through slacker yarn that hasn`t been advised yet.

The Couch (2009/I)
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